The trip is back! April 10-12, 2015

A job well done!

Welcome! Our sell out event is back – Volunteer Trip to Agua Prieta, Mexico! Registration opens January 12, 2015!

This trip will be one that none of us have ever experienced before. We have chosen to use this opportunity to make an impact in an exceptionally meaningful way, while still staying true to our roots. We will continue to spend a day building shelter, security and creating a home for the amazing people in the barrios of AP. We will also be spending time enhancing the volunteer dormitories for the first time in many, many years in an effort to provide a comfortable and welcoming community for the over 1,000 visits it receives in a given year. This will reap benefits for many years to come and will enrich the experience of the many thousands that come to serve over  the years. Finally, we will continue to keep our promise to young Diego and provide him with a scholarship to attend school.

Here is some important information:

  • Registration is $125*† which covers everything you need – click HERE for the super transparent break down!
  • Minimum fundraising requirement is $300 – don’t be intimidated.  This is easier than it sounds and crowd funding is a household name now.
  • A valid passport or passport card is required

Need some inspiration?  Watch our Reflections video from last spring here.

*We ask that you pay your registration fee by supporting your own fundraising campaign with a $125 payment here and entering your name in the “Participant Name” field.
If you are concerned about not being able to pay the $125 registration fee, please email Amy at We don’t want this to be a barrier to you participating in this fantastic volunteer trip!