Trip Details

Friday, April 10, 2015:

We will be leaving at 9am from at Casa de Armstrong (MAP HERE). We will carpool to the Douglas, AZ border area where cars will be parked for safe weekend parking.  We will then safely walk across the border and be met by official Rancho Feliz volunteer vans to take us to our 24 hour guarded and secure dormitory area.

Lunch will be a the delicious and famous Bonanza restaurant and the evening will include a few light work projects, beer in hand if you choose, while we all meet and mingle and enjoy a cook out.

Saturday, April 11, 2015:

We will divide into groups and travel the short distance to the barrios where we will mix concrete and create flooring infrastructure, lay bricks for weather protective walls and work alongside families to bring safety to young children and their families.

The evening will culminate in a locally produced fresh meal prepared in the dorms and relaxation time around the fire pit.

Sunday, April 12, 2015:

We will install gardens alongside of local residents looking to improve their food choices. We will also be providing food staples for several families as well.

Lunch will be served before making our way back across the border.  We will arrive home, via carpool, by dinner time in Phoenix.

The #1 reason people give? Because they are asked! And when donors can wrap a number around a particular thing (construction materials, garden, Diego’s scholarship), they are even more apt to give. Our donation page has a convenient menu of options with options as low as $10…almost anyone can donate $10! You can easily share this page on Facebook! There is a place for the donor to write your name “Participant Name” so that you are “credited” with that fundraising.
Many of you have asked – Yes, you can fundraise your trip expenses – there is an option for this on the menu of options ($25 or they can do “other). If you are paying your own expenses ($125, recommended if you can) please put it under other and then your name in the participant field.
These donations are all tax-deductible and they will receive a donation receipt from the Arizona Community Foundation on our behalf.